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Single Ignition Displays

Single Ignition Displays

Single ignitions fireworks are best described as a display in a box. Single ignitions will typically start slowly and move towards a built in grand finale. This type of firework has become the most popular in the UK for its ease of use and wide range of effects.

Typical durations will range from 45 seconds to around 3 minutes. Some single ignitions will give greater preference to duration while others will start spectacularly and carry on until an unforgetable grand finale.

Ideal as the ending piece for a display or as a short display in itself. Please check the videos of each individual piece.


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Flaming Lamborghini
This Is a Premium Product From Total Fx Fireworks This firework has 135 shots and a duration..
Ex Tax: £79.16
RRP £109.99 OUR PRICE £99.99 SAVE £10 The display starts with simultaneous firing of screechers a..
Ex Tax: £83.33
Warning! This is a LOUD Firework. Chrysanthemum willow, red coconut and silver strobe; wave willo..
Ex Tax: £83.33
Star Wars 220 Shots
LIMITED STOCK ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR GANTS HILL SHOP. A 220 shot cake ejecting either lemon, pi..
Ex Tax: £91.66
Caged Tiger Unleashed
A Premium Product by Total Fx fireworks This fireworkhas 112 shots and a duration of 1 Minute 25 ..
Ex Tax: £99.99
Agincourt Compound Cakes
This Is a Premium Product From Total Fx Fireworks  A new concept of fusing together 3 powerf..
Ex Tax: £108.33
Caged Tiger Pro Compound
Quite Simply the best Single Ignition Firework in the Country. a Premium Product made by total FX Fi..
Ex Tax: £158.33
Based on 1 reviews.
Maximum Showtime 2 Display Kit
RRP £249.99 our Price £224.99 SAVE £25 This is one of the new display kits to be introduced to co..
Ex Tax: £187.49
God Father 2 Display Kit
The Godfather Display Kit is the largest of the new display kits to be introduced to comply with the..
Ex Tax: £249.99
Based on 2 reviews.
Want to have a truelly spectacular display? Well after trying out a few combinations we ha..
Ex Tax: £833.33
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