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Air Bombs & Accessories

Air Bombs & Accessories

Although Flash Air Bombs, just a flash bang, were banned in 2004 this selction of Coloured Air Bombs will give you a nice coloured burst accompanied by a loud bang. Roman candles can also be purchased in this section. These are one of the oldest types of fireworks that have withstood the test of time. Consisting of a long tube, Roman Candles fire multiple shots, one after the other, in to the sky. 

Also in this section are Portfires. These are like mini blow torches that make the task of lighting firewroks very simple. They are not affected by wind or rain and last for around 4-5 minutes.

Finally Sky Lanterns. These have become very popular in the last few years. Consisting of a large paper frame which is filled with hot air by a candle at the base. This causes the lantern to rise in to the night sky.

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15 Glow Bracelets              (3 for £5)
A Tube of 15 assorted neon glow in the dark bracelets measuring 10 inches in lenth. Buy..
Ex Tax: £1.66
firework lighters
These Firework lighters have a burn time over 60 minutes each. 45cm in length Pack of 5 ..
Ex Tax: £2.08
Pack of 3 First class Portfires to light your fireworks. Burn time approx 4 minutes each. ..
Ex Tax: £2.08
Sky Lanterns 100% Biodegradable
Packaged Individually so you do not have to buy in Bulk. Send your Chinse Flying Lantern high in..
Ex Tax: £2.08
RRP £7.99 OUR PRICE £4.99 OR BUY 2 FOR £9 A great alternative to Rockets - 4 different effe..
Ex Tax: £4.16
RRP £5.99 OUR PRICE £4.99 SAVE £1.00 OR BUY 2 FOR £9 AND SAVE £3.00 A pack of 5 assorted shot ..
Ex Tax: £4.16
3 Wax Torches
Ideal for BBQ season, citronella Wax Torches contain a natural insect repellent. Burns for up to..
Ex Tax: £4.99
RRP £8.99 OUR PRICE £5.99 SAVE £3 Pack of 4 traditional 8 Shot Roman candles are still a favourit..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Superb well made 5 shot Roman candles measuring nearly two foot in length. 5 Shots of C..
Ex Tax: £6.66
RRP £19.99 OUR PRICE £ 9.99 HALF PRICE An exciting alternative to Rockets! An eight pack of four ..
Ex Tax: £8.33
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